Martin's music published by Schott

I have co-written two sight-reading books with John Kember for Schott. These books range in standard from beginner to Grade 8.

"This book provides an approach based on self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns. It contains 228 carefully-graded pieces which are orginal tunes, rather than abstract sight-reading exercises, and six sections, beginning with open strings. Each section begins with solos and concludes with duets and accompanied pieces to aid ensemble playing. Accompaniments are provided for both guitar and piano. Suitable for Preliminary up to grade 4 level players."

Sight-reading book 1

"Guitar Sight-Reading 2' aims to build on the sight-reading skills learnt in book 1 and provides a wealth of more challenging examples so that the pupil may gain even greater confidence when approaching any new piece of music for the first time. Tunes progress to include keys from 2 flats to 4 sharps using a variety of styles."

Sight-reading book 2

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