Useful software

There is a lot of really useful software on the internet for the guitarist musician. Some of the best examples are free. As one of my pupils you can take advantage of my wide experience of music software.

Computer mouse

This free music software includes:

  • Notation software. Useful for writting down compositions, transcriptions and arrangements in normal notation and tablature. It can even play the music back.
  • Midi players. These can allow you to change speed, key, volume and even control the orchestrations of the backings. Why not add soundfonts to make the backing really realistic?
  • Recording software. Record your playing using virtual amps and a realistic drummer as a backing.
  • Blank sheet music.Print out blank sheet music in all sorts of formats, both notation and tablature.
  • Composition software. This includes programs to compose with virtual instruments (VSTs),samples, midi or all three.
  • Script languages. Powerful programs for advanced users.