Teaching Style

I am a patient and versatile teacher, experienced in teaching many styles. I also have a special interest in composition and improvisation. From your first lesson, I will tailor the teaching to your musical interests.

Ultimately, the goal is for you to become an accomplished musician and to have a lot of fun and enjoyment on the way.

During lessons I shall help you to develop the following skills:

  • Practising properly, including careful listening
  • Understanding music (keys, chords, scales etc.) so that you can improvise over a chord sequence
  • Reading music/tab
  • Listening skills (as not all transcriptions on the internet are accurate)
  • Co-ordination and playing with fluency and speed
  • Putting the above into practice by learning whole songs, not just "riffs".

There will also be opportunities for taking part in exams and music festivals, if you would like to do so. Exams are available for both Classical and Electric guitar. I have successfully prepared candidates for examinations for twenty-eight years, ranging from Preliminary to Grade 8 and beyond.

Classical and Electric guitars